November 11, 2016

To Whom it may concern:

I had the pleasure of working with Bruce over the past six months. Bruce is hard-working, dependable and unafraid of a challenge. I hired Bruce to work on a legacy platform as we moved to a new system. Most of our largest legacy clients were on the old system so it was imperative to keep the lights on and ensure we continued providing them with the same level of support our new system afforded.

Bruce, single-handedly, maintained three portals for us. He kept the call center portal up and running throughout the six months he was with us. He also made a few much needed enhancements to our client facing portal. The clients were thrilled with the functionality and ease of use.

Unfortunately, we are sun setting our legacy platform and will no longer require Bruce's PHP skills. He will be missed for his mad skills but also his ability to communicate and be a positive influence on our company. He is definitely not like your normal developer that likes to program in the dark with ear buds in his ears. He is well respected here at PatientFocus and will be missed. He will be a value add to any organization lucky enough to have him join their team


Kristi Hatchell
Director of Operations
Patient Focus
616 Marriott Dr., Suite 500
Nashville, TN 37214

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To Whom It May Concern:

Bruce Gust has worked under my employ for over a year in the position of software development contractor. In that time, he has proven himself to be a valuable resource to the team. During his assignment he was responsible for building various web based tools and web pages with the stated purpose of increasing time efficiency for our customers.

Bruce is a pleasure to work with due to his personality and general all around positive attitude. He interacted directly with internal customers and they were always pleased with the results. Bruce was a remote employee and was always easy to manage. He was responsive to emails and phone calls and I was never concerned about his output, even though we were at separate locations. He showed a willingness to learn new technologies and took coaching well.

I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Donald Meador
Verizon Wireless
1 Allied Drive
Little Rock, AR 72022

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Bruce Gust is awesome! He is very professional and provides excellent client service. He came in and sat down with us to fully understand our project before he got started. He worked with us every step of the way to ensure we were getting exactly what we wanted. After the implementation, Bruce was hands on to handle any tweaks or issues that might arise. He never left us in a lurch. He was proactive and responsive to the needs of our firm from start to finish. Excellent client service with a great product!

Julie McPherson - Vice President of Training
The Rainmaker Companies
Nashville, TN

It's one thing to maintain a website and quite another to create it, design it and drive viewer traffic. Bruce Gust has been the creative and marketing force behind He has been employed by my company for years and I highly recommend him.

Dean Unkefer - President
Texaco Country Showdown
Nashville, TN

In this world of digital media and on-line advertising we, as business owners, can not afford to be left behind. So how do you choose? You need to be able to take a designer at their word and we can honestly say that Bruce Gust is a man of his word. There is no hidden agenda and from the moment you set up your first meeting with him you'll know and can trust that you have made the right decision with the right company. Bruce Gust not only designed our first class web page but has now designed a custom fit program for our business needs as well. We tried using the generic programs that can be purchased and now after experiencing a custom fit . . . I wonder why I wasted so much time on the others.

Tammy Sands - 5th Degree Black Belt
US Taekwondo & Hapkido Academy
LaVergne, TN

Creativity, Innovation, Integrity, Responsive!

Bruce Gust is our "go to" guy for fantastic web design services. Bruce has designed several web sites for us over the years and I always feel as though he is a part of our team and extremely involved in the entire process from initial concepts to the small tweaks and changes.

Jaclyn Harrell
National Director of Operations
Retirement Systems Solutions, Inc.