A Website Versus a Web Strategy

Bottom line: Anyone who is aware of your business needs to be equipped with everything they need to tell others about who you are and what you do.

That's the difference between a website and a web strategy. One is nothing more than information, the other is inspiration.

It starts with your business card. Provide on your card a QR code that allows your users to scan it using their mobile device. Just like that, they now have your contact information as well as a wealth of content that will inspire them to engage your further.

Include on that business card something that makes your customer want to keep it. Perhaps a coupon or the URL of a special offer. And remember that this card is not something that has to stay in your wallet until an opportune time. Have these at your cash register. Hand them out like candy. This is more than just your cell number, this is a part of your marketing / web strategy!

Print Media - Any marketing material you use has to look and feel professional. If you can do it yourself, awesome! If not, brucegust.com can help. And remember, regardless of what you're trying to accomplish with your brochure or sign, make sure that it adequately points to your website. Using a QR code here is also very appropriate.

Email and Text Messaging - Use any and every opportunity you have to capture your customer's contact info. Registered "likes" and those who follow you on Twitter and your blog is a good thing, but take it a step further and get their email address and cell number so you can communicate with them even more directly. Provide an incentive / reward for those who are willing to surrender their contact information.

Do you see where this is going? We haven't even gotten to your website. But here's why so many sites remain buried beneath of mountain of similar URLs. Being online does not always equate to being visible if you're not actively promoting your site.

As far as your actual site, consider these things:

  • visually appealing - professional and captivating. Your site is the first impression. If you've got a great product, you need a great website
  • engaging - ask leading questions in the context of your content that gets your user interested in learning more
  • provide testimonials - demonstrate your worth through your greatest advocates - your satisfied customers
  • call to action - give your users a chance to make a purchase or make a call. Make it easy!

    Does this sound good, or what?

    Pick up a phone or click here and schedule a consultation with brucegust.com and learn more about how you can have a web strategy in place rather than just a website!