Most people access the web from their mobile device. But rather than simply ensure that your site is mobile friendly, position your business on your customer's phone as an app - now that's a good idea! Scroll down to learn more...

Normally, this infrastructure would cost $1,500.00. For that you get:

  • an administrative suite that allows you to edit your app's content, including the coupon you're making available to your customers
  • iPhone app as well as an Android platform
  • QR code that's on your app as well as something you can download and place on your business cards and other print media

    But with this special offer, it's only $750.00! That's a 50% savings! You pay a down payment of $375.00 and then the balance in 30 days after the apps are completed. You'll also be enrolled in a program that provides:

  • hosting for your app's database
  • technical support
  • free updates to your iPhone and Android applications as are needed

    Normally that would be a $65.00 monthly charge, but with this special offer, you're getting it for $50.00 every 30 days.

    Make this marketing strategy yours today! Call 615.618.2059! Get Bruce on the phone and set up a meeting!