Drum Lessons!

If you're interested in taking drum lessons, I would be happy to talk with you about it! I charge $20.00 for half an hour. My forte is Drumset, although having served in the military band program, I'm very comfortable with rudimental and orchestral snare as well as mallet percussion.

Depending on your skill level and ambition, I usually start with a book entitled "The Starting Line" which works out real well given the fact that there are audio recordings of every exercise and solo. I know the author real well, so it's a comfortable dynamic...

I've got some playing highlights listed below, just so you can get a better feel for what I'm bringing to the table. If you have any questions, please give me a call!


I've been teaching drum lessons since 1985! I started as an Instructor at the Armed Forces School of Music. I went through Parris Island and then to the School of Music. Afterwhich I served for two years with the FMF Pac Band in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and then back to the SOM for the Intermediate Course. After graduating, I was brought on staff which was a dream of mine given the very positive and motivating environment of the SOM.

I served for five years as an Drum Instructor and then, after being honorably discharged, I moved to Nashville on the tail end of being the drummer on the "Young Messiah Tour" - a phenomenal introduction to the world of "big time" Contemporary Christian Music and a surreal experience playing alongside performers whose recordings I owned.

Not long after I got settled in Nashville, I began rehearsing / dreaming with a crew of fellas that met through a variety of musical / church affiliations and we would go on to get a recording contract as the band "Western Flyer." The high point was breaking the Top 40 with a song called "What Will You Do With M-E.."

"Western Flyer" came off the road and I shifted gears professionally, but continued playing and teaching both privately and as a representative of Taye Drums, Pintech and Peavey.

My most recent brush with greatness came as a result of playing with the "Little River Band." I remember getting the call from Wayne Nelson whose voice is the one singing lead on "The Night Owls." Freaky cool! I auditioned and got the part and performed with them in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Click on the album cover to see a clip of "Happy Anniversary!"

Currently I'm staying active as a player, educator and the occasional custom session. Although the lion's share of what keeps the bills paid is no longer coming from my musical exploits, like Benjamin Franklin who always signed his name "Benjamin Franklin - Printer," I'll always be a "drummer" regardless of what Providence allows me to accomplish.